How To Get The Ultimate Festival Hair

This year has been flying by, but in a good way. Another March means a new season is already here, one that we all look forward to… festival season!

In a couple of weeks , we’ll be heading south to hit one of the first festivals on the circuit — and one of my personal favorites — SXSW! There’s a lot of preparation that goes on to ensure our festival season is a great one, and one of the first things we’re doing this year is making sure our looks are complete from head to toe… you better believe that means some fun festival hair! We’re no strangers to hair chalk, but this year I’d like to introduce you to these fun little hair color sticks that make coloring up your hair easier than ever. I enlisted our PR intern, Kait, who has some of the best hair around, to model these bright hues. Her blonde locks made for the perfect canvas, so we went to town with the FP X Britelites Hair Color Sticks, giving her the ultimate festival hair! Take a look below at how we achieved this gorgeous look:

It’s best to start with dry hair, and to choose colors that work well with your hair color. For blondes, cooler tones like blues and greens work great. On darker hair, try using warmer colors like orange, yellow and pink.

Start with blue, and brush the stick in a downward motion onto the ends of the hair.

Rub your hair through your fingers to spread out the color and blend the blue and green together where they meet. This creates a nice gradient for the ombre effect.

You can stop there if the ocean blue, mermaid look is your thing, or you can try incorporating some other colors. There’s not a right or wrong way to use these hair sticks, so feel free to add in color wherever you like!

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